Expertly managed on-site and remote services.
In over 180 locations, Pivital can cover it.


Running multi-site IT projects is what we do and there is no challenge we cannot prepare for. Our team of experienced project managers work with our customers to coordinate and handle every aspect of IT projects from planning, implementation, maintenance and follow-up:

  • Scope
  • Work instructions
  • Coordination
  • Communication


24/7 Global Operation Centers

At Pivital, we make sure to keep all projects on schedule. Our project managers actively communicate with our customers and field techs to see that the project is following the set timeline. Our operation center infrastructure helps with seamless communication between our techs, ourselves and our customers, we make sure to provide updates about:

  • On-site project scheduling
  • Workflow
  • Close-out

Qualified technicians in any geographical location

Pivital expertly manages thousands of individuals from our community of qualified, vetted technicians. These technicians are based in over 180 geographical locations and are managed via our 24/7 global field operations center, they are provided with detailed work instructions and remote work support. A vetted, local technician arrives on site, follows clear work instructions, and understands the details and requirements of the job.